10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Your Mum On Mother’s Day


As we celebrate the existence of our mothers, our demi-gods, the ones that drove our path to earth, nurtured us through the thick and thin and had selflessly proven to always be by our side, even if the world leaves – MOTHERS. For us at OnoBello.com it’s really essential for children to make sure their Mothers are treated with utmost care and love.

Hence, here are 10 things you could do for or with your mother on Mother’s day without necessarily breaking the bank, remember its MOTHER’S day and she needs to feel SPECIAL.

Initiate a ‘Lazy Mode Routine’ For Her to Last the Whole Day

I mean, this mothers work too much don’t you think? But since its mother’s day, she is allowed to take a break from any form of working activity and sing Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song” for that day. Her legs should be crossed while all activities in the house is been taken care of – cleaning, cooking etc. You know her routine, help her out with all of it while she does nothing but chill for that day.



Cook your mother a special meal

This will be more special if you are a male child, or a child that is rarely around, hence, your momma doesn’t get to eat your meal often. Its mother’s day, found out what she likes, let her sit back and relax while you sweat it out in the kitchen just for her pleasure. However, if you are very sure of your culinary skills, yes, go on and treat her to a meal she is not familiar with but be very sure it will be a bang!  Either ways, let mama have a taste your culinary greatness, you will definitely make her happy with it.



Take her shopping

Guys, one thing I know for sure is the ability for mothers (African mothers especially) to not want to ‘disturb’ their wards of material things. Make enquiries about what she lacks, needs or want, pull that surprise for mama. However, if you know your bank account is looking healthy, why don’t you go all out, take her on a shopping spree! Let her know she can pick whatever she wants, whatever!



 Do Something Youthful Together

Because she is from the older generation doesn’t mean she should be stuck there, let mama catch the positive vibes of the newer generations. You can watch recent movies or even series that you feel might be unpopular to her generation together, she might just end up just loving it! Learn lyrics of songs together, teach her basic dance steps of the newer generations etc. just drag her to the new skool! Make her feel youthful again!

Guess what? You can equally take a spin around it and just challenge her to take you back to the ‘old skool’ let’s see if she can still bring back those lovely memories from the past.



Get a compilation of her favourite movies or shows

Since it mother’s day, let her  bask in the euphoria of watching movies or shows she loves all through the day, with something to munch on by the side, trust me this golden treatment will be remembered for a long time.


Eat Out

This depends on the type of personality your mother has, but eating out is definitely another way to give her a treat and equally spending time together. If she is the indoor type, one of the fancy restaurants where she will get her favourites meal is perfect. If she is the outdoor type, you could grab the food from the restaurant and head to a park, garden etc. where you can have a classy picnic with her.

eat out


A Year Phone Airtime Subscription

Mothers loves being in constant touch with their children, loading up her phone with enough airtime to last for a year will definitely thrill her beyond imagination, that way she is rest assured of a swift communication with you and her other loved ones for the span of a year.


Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t like to wake up to the smell of food? No one I know of, most especially when that very person is the mother whose task is always to be the one to wake up and prepare this meal. Nothing beats waking her up with a soft tap while a tray of her favourite food lay next to her, bliss!


Photo Session

This doesn’t come often so getting it done will mean a lot, get mama a sleek makeup session, with her face properly glammed, then a fun photo session to capture that day. Of course you should feature in some of the pictures and if there are grandkids, make it a family photo session, themed around her.



Get her Accessories

Every mother love accessories, it might just differ which, some love beads, pearls, gold or silver. Getting her any of her preferred options will be a blast!


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