10 Emerging Nigerian Fashion Designers To Watch Out For This 2014

Nigeria is blessed with talents in fashion and everyday we see a new crop of fashion designers springing up everything.

OnoBello OnoBello OnoBello
Therasa Onwuka Weiz Dhurm Franklyn Ogwa Iweze and Ofure Adive
OnoBello OnoBello
Patricia Onumonu Paolo Sisiano

Being a fashion designer and creating a brand is not an easy job, it takes time, hard work and investment to create a successful fashion brand, it doesn’t start over night!

In the last 10 years we have seen them come and go, for the ones that have stuck to this trade and profession, we have to applaud all their hard work and dedication.

We will continue to recognise the works of the fashion mentors in Nigeria that have paved the way and growth of the fashion industry in the last 15 years; Deola Sagoe, Tiffany Amber, Jewel By Lisa, Lanre DaSilva Ajayi, Ituen Basi, Odio Mimonet and many others.

OnoBello OnoBello OnoBello
Osa Aisien Rodney Emeka Udiminue Joshua
OnoBello OnoBello
Babatunde Olufon & Olufemi George Ian Audifferen

We also have the emerging and more stable young talents that have been making waves and doing really great things in last five years-Anita Quansah, Bridget Awosika, Iconic Invanity, Ella & Gabby, Buki Akib, Okunoren Twins, Mai Atafo, Tsemaye Binitie, Virgos Lounge and so many others…

So if you want to get ahead of the fashion pack this 2014, it might be worth investing in some bright emerging talent, they may not be the typical celebrity favourites now, however we see their potential and hope they will continue to remain focused with their designs.


1.Theresa Onwuka of Needle Point

Therasa Onwuka

Theresa Onwuka started her Needle Point brand in 2006 as a hobby then re-launched in 2010 with the opening of their flagship store in Ikoyi, Lagos. She has a passion for making women look amazing in her timeless pieces.


2. Weiz Dhurm Franklyn

Weiz dhurm Franklyn first came got noticed in 2012 when he showcased a collection as a young designer finalist at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. His pieces are fast becoming a celebrity favourite in the Lagos social scenes.

Weiz Dhurm Franklyn


3. Ogwa Iweze and Ofure Adive of DZYN

Founded in 2003, Dzyn Couture (pronounced Design) is based in Abuja and owned by sisters, Ogwa Iweze and Ofure Adive. They are fast rising beyond the Abuja fashion axis.

Ogwa Iweze and Ofure Adive

4. Patricia Onumonu of Trish O Couture

Patricia Onumonu, popularly called Trish by friends, launched her brand in 2007, it focuses on bespoke feminine ready to wear clothes for today’s woman.

Patricia Onumonu


5. Paolo Sisiano of Sisiano

Paolo Sisiano first came got noticed in 2013 when he released his cutting edge lookbook “Ms Green” collection. He also showcased a collection as a young designer finalist at the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

Paolo Sisiano


6. Osa Aisien of Ma’Bello Clothier

Osa Aisien launched her Ma’ Bello Clothier (MB) brand in 2012, it is one of the first brands in Nigeria targeted a producing fashionable and chic pieces for curvy women.

6. Osa Aisien



7. Rodney Emeka of McMeka

McMeka is a Lagos Based Nigerian Menswear Design Label, which solely focused on Bespoke Tailoring. Established in 2011, by Rodney Emeka, he won the Young Designer prize of N4million at the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week. His quirky and well tailored suits go hardly un-noticed.

Rodney Emeka


8. Udiminue Joshua of Josh Samuels

Udiminue Joshuafirst came on our radar when he won the Young Designer prize of N4million at the 2012 Lagos Fashion and Design Week. He has come to be known for his dapper suits.

Udiminue Joshua


9. Babatunde Olufon & Olufemi George of House Of Forms & Function

House of Forms and Function was birthed in 2005 and established in 2006. The brand is a bespoke tailoring outfit for purely for men. They attention to detail is immaculate.

Babatunde Olufon & Olufemi George


10. Ian Audifferen Of Tzar

Just last year Ian Audifferen launched his Tzar shirt brand (The &#39T&#39 is silent) with a collection titled “Oasis of Calm”. The brand has become a favourite among fashion lovers and is known for its love for prints.

Ian Audifferen

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