13 Year Old Saxophonist TJ, Supports Children Living With Cancer

TJ-Emore-OnoBello (1) Teen Saxophonist TJ Emore 

Although he is still a teenager as he’s just 13 years old, Nigeria’s soulful and skillful teen Saxophonist TJ Emore popularly known as TJ Sax has proven that age is no barrier when it comes to impacting society.

He has devoted his support to the Children Living with Cancer Foundation at the “Heart of Hope Walkathon” event on 19th September 2015 by 7:30am from Dowen College, Lekki phase 1 through Lekki phase 1 GTB gate Oniru, back to Lekki phase 1, Lagos.

This event is aimed at making a difference in the lives of children with cancer and to solicit support. Attendees would be given free T-shirts at the venue as it promises to be informative, entertaining and educating.


TJ-Emore-OnoBello (2) TJ-Emore-OnoBello (3) TJ-Emore-OnoBello (4) TJ-Emore-OnoBello (5) TJ-Emore-OnoBello (6)


For further information on this event please call:

08033156908 | 08065220559 | Email: info@clwcf-ngo.org

Website: www.clwcf-ngo.org 




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