18-Year-Old Nigerian, Samuel Robinson Gets N200 Million Funding for Business

18 year old nigerian boy 200million business funding

It all started when an 18-year-old entrepreneur and actor, Samuel Robinson posted a daring tweet saying: “Who has 20 million Naira burning a hole in their pocket, give me and I will return 1billion in 2years”

On Thursday, May 4,  he posted that he was meeting with two billionaires the next day and asked fans to pray for him.

Fast forward to Saturday, May 6, he announced that he had gotten a commitment of 200million Naira!

Read his Instagram posts below where he narrated how he made it happen:

Please pray. I need you guys now more than ever.

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🙌🙌🙌I received a commitment of 200 million Naira to fund my business plan😇. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Yesterday, I had a meeting with two billionaires. The first was miss Linda Ikeji 😘 ( @officiallindaikeji ). My meeting with her was very very insightful. Though she didn’t commit money immediately to support my ideas, she gave me very good advice and guidance. She is a very busy woman but she gave me an hour of her time yesterday. The outcome of my next meeting was much better because I applied the knowledge and wisdom I had gained from Miss Linda. Miss Linda was optimistic about my idea. She told me I had a good plan and she offered me future support after I have taken my plans off the foundation level. I met with Mr Nze Ka Nze 😎 ( @hrhnzekanze1 ) right after my meeting with Miss Linda. He is the most logical and patient person I have ever met, our tastes in books and ideas were also very synonymous. I pitched the business plan to him and he was very excited by it. He gave me a job instantly at his corporation Nat East and several other incentives ( @nateastgroup ). He told me to add another 0 to the 20 million I was looking for and he committed to granting me access to over 200 million Naira in cash, real estate and assets to bring his and my ideas to life🙌. My Plan is centred around agriculture and Mr Nze Ka Nze already had plans to go into agriculture so, it was like fate that we would meet because our views aligned perfectly. He didn’t give me a time frame to work with, he is willing to invest, nurture and grow our plans long term. 😇 I am still open to meeting with more Investors. The more the better and quicker we can accomplish greatness. To Young people out there who think their dreams are too big or the resources available to them are too limited, I want you to take me as your example… I started by looking for 20 million Naira and a lot of people thought I was crazy but i didn’t listen and I persisted in spite of the odds against me. Today, I have a commitment of not 20, not 40, not 60 million Naira but 200 million Naira. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. Sam😊

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