2014 FIFA World Cup: Uruguay 1- Italy 0, Amid Luis Suárez Biting Controversy

Uruguay won, moving onto the next round. It was an uneventful, then bizarre game.


Italy’s World Cup is over, while Uruguay moves on as the runner-up of Group D, most likely to face Colombia.

Nobody is talking about that.Because Uruguay striker Luis Suarez apparently bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

This is not the first time Suarez bit an opponent. In fact, he’s done it twice before. He was suspended both times.


The biggest question now is whether FIFA will suspend Suarez. No foul was called on the play; the officials apparently did not see it happen. But FIFA can — and no doubt will — review the play.

The reaction to the play has been universally negative. Biting is so far outside normal aggressive play in any sport. It has no place on the pitch, and FIFA needs to send a strong signal to Suarez and Uruguay as they move on to the knockout round.

Suarez should not be allowed back in a game. And he should probably seek help.Over to FIFA.




Credits: theguardian.com | usatoday.com


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