#2015Headies Review: “Real Street Kings Don’t Promote & Brew Trouble”– Azuka Ogujiuba

1.Olamide during Headies outburst

ThisDay newspaper journalist Azuka Ogujiuba has aired her thoughts on the recently concluded 2015 Headies in an article titled ‘The Sweet, Sour Taste Vibes of Headies 2015.’

In the write-up, Ogujiuba sheds light on some grey areas that have remained on the lips of many. She talks Jimmy Jatt’s supposed blasting of The Headies organizers (which is false BTW), the clash between the awards and Ali Baba’s gig, Reekado Banks’ ‘Next Rated’ win, the YBNL/Mavins clash and more.

She weighs in on Olamide’s “arrogant” outburst at the show, how he “belittled” Adekunle Gold’s win, and compares him to the late Dagrin, questioning if Dagrin would have also gotten as intoxicated with fame if he were still alive.

Read part of what she wrote on Olamide:

“…He spoke well, and he was determined to ‘blow’, as they say. He wanted to be a super star; you could feel his struggles from the way he spoke. He was now to face his battles and struggles in the industry alone. When he left and Lanre and I talked about his music and Dagrin’s, Lanre was so impressed with his humble nature. I remember telling him that most street artistes don’t know how to handle fame, let’s watch Olamide first. Fortunately, Lanre and I were together at The Headies when Olamide’s arrogance got to a boiling point and out of control. He was shell- shocked, I looked at him and laughed. Thoughts raced inside me, “I no tell you sey you no fit place your bet on these guys?” I didn’t want to dampen him, so, I bellied the thought.
Dagrin was getting to the peak of his career before he died and I wondered if Dagrin would have been this unruly. If Dagrin was still alive would fame had intoxicated him as it is doing to Olamide?
I have a bad temper too; I would foolishly overreact before realising my actions were nasty and uncalled for. Maybe, that’s the kind of person Olamide is too. But it’s even more humiliating that the next minute you will start apologising. It does not matter now if Olamide is the king of the streets or not. Now, a lot of people listen to him, a lot of youths follow him, a lot of people listen to his music, adore him and maybe even see him as a role model. So, will Olamide blame his misdemeanor at Headies on fame and money? Onstage, you have registered your displeasure, but why go violent? It is just an award which you guys lost because of overconfidence. My advice to you is that next time, since this award means so much to you and your protégé, Lil Kesh, you should re-strategise and use the streets to win, do more of online marketing, drive your campaigns online with incentives to fans and followers like Don Jazzy does when he gave out recharge cards on the social media. If you lack the expertise, hire social media influencers- it won’t cost a fortune. The YBNL gang went to bed too early, that was a trust in chariot while Reecado Banks, who realised his songs are the least famous, got aggressive with campaign for votes.
No doubt, Olamide expressed his anger and pronounced Lil Kesh as the Next Rated. I understand his anger because on a ‘good day’, I won’t give that award to Reekado Banks with Kiss Daniel, Korede Bello and Lil Kesh in that category. But then, did Kiss Daniel, Korede Bello and Lil Kesh mobilise for sufficient votes to win? Did Olamide even vote? How did Baddo drive YBNL social media machinery?
No doubt, Olamide and the YBNL gang came on stage to receive Adekunle Gold’s award, Baddo took the shine off the poor guy to vent his anger and launched a social attack immediately Don Jazzy spoke. It’s true he didn’t mention Don Jazzy’s name and from what I understand, he was referring to the organisers of the Headies and not to Don Jazzy. He went overboard with his anger, cursed and dropped the microphone on stage and, it was so bizarre to the extent his younger brother punched a fan who was trying to hail Olamide backstage while they left the venue, all angry.
The street is tough, it is vulgar, it is survival of the fittest, the slangs are dirty and brazen, for those who thought Lil Kesh lost out because of his dirty lyrics, l disagree with that notion. He’s not presenting himself to be loved by everybody. Love or loathe him. I dance and listen to him. I am a fan of his a thousand times more than Reekado Banks, and it does not mean l don’t like Reekado Banks, but the truth is, if I was asked to hand out the award between Reekado Banks and Lil Kesh, I would give it to Lil Kesh, the next person would be Kiss Daniel or Korede Bello. But none of the label owners or managers mobilised votes enough for their artistes, neither did the artistes fight enough to garner support to win at this category. Even if I didn’t vote for Lil Kesh or anybody in that category despite the fact that I felt he should be the winner, how many of the YBNL gang members voted? Instead, you all depended on the popularity of the song; you guys were too confident and felt the power of Lil Kesh songs in the streets will earn him the laurel. Even if truly, Don Jazzy bought votes like some people alleged, so would he buy votes for Reekado Banks and leave out Korede Bello who had a hit song? Is Korede Bello not part of the Mavins? They should have gone to the drawing board immediately his name emerged on the list again, but Reekado Banks was smart, he knew it was a tight competition and maybe had no chance being in the same category with these artistes who had better hit songs than his. I am sure he didn’t even mention to Korede Bello, his label mate his plans to start to canvass for votes secretly which was what made him the winner of the Next Rated category. He just outsmarted everybody in the category. From my investigations, his votes were way higher than those of Lil Kesh, Korede Bello and Kiss Daniel put together. Cynthia Morgan, who was also in the category, got higher votes than the rest males; so it probably would have been Cynthia Morgan if Reekado was not the winner.
As far as l am concerned you are the self-acclaimed king of the streets, mainly and probably because you have many hit songs and an admirable swag. But the real street kings don’t go around promoting and brewing trouble. What they do is protect their territory and even if trouble pokes at them, violence is the least thing they want to initiate. But, of course, they must have among them the gladiators who will always want to fight back or war until the king calls them to order.
Olamide, are you aware that Bez has had 11 nominations in two years and has not won any, he has never abused the organisers and has never stopped attending the Headies except when he is engaged elsewhere. But on January 1st you lost it because you couldn’t get the Headies Next Rated award; you did not only use foul language, but also cursed the organisers. You used the ‘F’ word repeatedly, rudely dropped the microphone on the floor, leaving the stage with your middle finger in the air.
Even when you came on stage to celebrate with Adekunle Gold when he clinched the Best Alternative Song award, you buried his glorious moment, belittled him and dedicated his award to Lil kesh.
According to Olamide, “Adekunle Gold, let’s be honest this award belongs to Lil Kesh because Lil Kesh is our Next Rated artist.” Is this how a king treats his subjects? Robbing Peter to pay Paul? You are splashing one artiste in your kingdom with so much favoritism above others. This is how disloyalty and discord start in a kingdom ruled by tyranny.
Back to your disruptive hooliganism display that day, you and your gang members destroyed valuable equipment in the Headies green room, on your way out and an innocent fan who was oblivious of what has transpired inside the hall, rushed up to you in excitement chanting ‘Baba o, baba o’ and your response to his show of love was an ugly ‘shut up’ punch in the face that left him bleeding. Next in your inordinate expression of anger was to climb on a car, shouting on top of your voice, ‘We are not politicians, we are not politicians’ and almost causing stampede at the venue.”

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