2016 0scars: BET Comes For Stacy Dash Following Her Controversial Comment



As controversies surround the 2016 all-white Oscar nominations (See full list here), actress, Stacey Dash has aired her opinion on the issue and it is even more controversial!

Dash in an interview, described the outrage over the Oscar nomination list and plans to boycott the event “ludicrous” saying the black community has to choose between segregation or integration. According to her, channels like BET, BET Awards and Image awards have to be scrapped since they cater to only blacks, calling it “double standard”.

The ‘Clueless’ actress further went on to call for the cancellation of Black History Month since there isn’t a white history month. “We’re Americans”, she says.


Watch the full interview here.

As members of the black community and the internet reel from her rather controversial stance, folks at BET have aired their displeasure over her calling for the cancelling of BET, reminding her that was once on one of the channel’s shows – The Game.


See what they posted on Instagram below:



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