2Face On Celebrities Who Flaunt Their Wealth On Social Media, Politics & More

2Face opens up in new interview…


2Face Idibia was recently interviewed by Vanguard’s ‘Weekend Groove’ where he talked about his career, politics, fellow celebrities who off their assets on social media, the death of his father and so much more.

Read excerpts from interview:

What is the secret of your staying power?

That question is difficult to answer, I think it’s people that will answer that aspect for me. But for me, I think it’s the talent, the grace of God and then the love and support of my fans.


New generation artistes are known to show off their wealth on the social media, what is your take on that?

For me it’s a matter of choice. It’s a matter of what makes you happy. Some people have it and they don’t care to show it and some just do it so that people will think they have it. Some people do it so that armed robbers will come and visit them?


What about you?

Whatever I am will speak for itself. I am not going to hide anything.


Why did you change your name from ‘2face’ to 2baba?

I cannot run away from the name 2face though, It’s inevitable.


You recently did a song with Joe El; what prompted it?

It was a matter of curiosity. We just decided to do a song together so that people could compare and contrast; so people will know that we are not the same thing and also   for peaceful co-existence.


Are you a member of any political party?

Over the years I have not been associated directly with any political party, but I have been associated with people. Lately, I have been advising young Nigerians that  it’s time for us to move from  the fence and  take a bold step  .We need to take a stand instead of always complaining, complaining is never going to change anything.


Will you be going into politics in the nearest future?

I am not really interested in that for now. I   am only interested in the process. I am interested in peaceful elections and in advising all well-meaning Nigerians   to   get involved. I am interested in people who are already in the system that have good hearts for Nigeria.


Your dad died of cancer, are you going to do something in terms of public enlightenment about cancer?

In September, I didn’t celebrate my birthday, instead I teamed up with the Red Cross and we kicked off a cancer awareness campaign. We did it for that day, but I guess it is going to be continuous process.


When last did you cry?

That was when the doctor told me that my dad had just passed on. It just dawned on me that I am not going to see him again.


Jalabia’ is fast becoming your signature; why?

I am not really a  fashionista. I just like to keep my look plain and simple. I like black so you will find me in black, most of the time.


If you were not doing music what would you be doing?

I would have been a goalkeeper. I love football but I am not a fanatic.


What is your advice to young artistes who would probably want to leave school for music just because 2face did?

I don’t think you should give up school because of music. I won’t advise anyone to quit school because of music. I will just advise them to know that music business is serious business. It’s as challenging and rigorous as any other profession.


On what occasion do you lie?

I lie when the truth doesn’t need to be told. When the truth will not solve any problem.


What is your greatest fantasy?

My greatest fantasy will be for my name to be in the Book of Life.




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