5 Tips On Overnight Beauty Routine That Will Improving Your Skin Tone


The only appropriate time to give your skin the glow it needs is during bedtime. That is why most people who have great skin invest a lot of their time in overnight routine because it goes a long way in improving your skin tone.


There are 5 magic overnight tips you need to invest in.

  1. Aloe vera: Apply the aloe vera gel at the tip of your hair to prevent your hair from breaking and also to grow your hair and keep it healthy
  2. Castor oil: Apply castor oil to your lashes with a spooley to make it grow and also you can you a cotton bud to apply castor oil on your brow and massage it to keep it in shape and make it fuller.
  3. Almond oil: Apply almond oil underneath your eyes to prevent you from having dark spots and eye bags. If you do this often you will be shocked at how your skin would improve and look even more brighter
  4. Coconut oil: Massage your nails with coconut oil to keep it from infection and also make it grow out healthily
  5. Olive oil or moisturizing cream: Apply olive oil or any moisturizing cream you are comfortable with on the surface of your skin and massage it well, then lock it up with a pair socks to keep your feet soft all night.

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