Our Style Edit: 5 MTN Lagos Fashion And Design 2012 Looks To Try Now!

35 designers showcased their new season collections at the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design 2012. This simply shows that there is a whole lot of delightful trends for you to start rocking now!


We have however edited them down to the five key trends every woman needs to have, one important tip is to make them your own and coordinate with existing pieces you already own in your wardrobe.


1. Sexy Folklore

Think bright stripes, woven baskets and headscarves and you’re there!

Mai Atafo                                                      Anita Quansah

2. 90s Ubermodels

Paying tribute to Naomi Campbell back in the 90s, here’s your big beauty look for spring/summer 2013. Strong groomed brows, poker-straight hair, black liner and mascara, all finished with a nude lip (use your foundation).

Models backsatge

3.Eastern Delights

The oriental trend isn’t going away anytime soon with designers love affair with eastern delights. Snap it now in baroque fabrics!

Mathew Williamson




Lanre DaSilva Ajayi has spoken, Butterflies are “IN” this season. Maybe next summer they will come in frocks to bags to sky-high stilettos. You can work it now in accessories such as earrings, necklace and belts.



Matching Print Sandals

At Jewel by Lisa, models stormed down the runway in sandals that were sweet to look at and matched the clothes. This is taking shoes to a whole new level.


Jewel by Lisa


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