5 Soldiers Assault Lawyer in Delta State

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Sunny Ekwe, a lawyer in Delta state was assaulted by five soldiers who fractured his spinal cord.

According to Vanguard, the lawyer is now bedridden in a hospital. The incident occurred at Okpara Waterside Community. Two of the soldiers have already been arrested by the police.

A friend to the victim, Maxwell Ogedegbe posted on his Facebook page, he said

“On March 11 at about 7p.m., Ekwe went to visit a relative at the Okpara Waterside, when, suddenly, as he was about to leave, a young boy demanded he follow him to meet some other boys seated at a dark area.

“In the process of resisting the boy, the boy called the other four men, who descended on the lawyer and subjected him to the crudest humiliation and brutality ever and abandoned him to die in a closed dried-up drain.

“Because of the atrocities of the boys in the area, nobody in the community could intervene as they are young soldiers. The lawyer was rushed to the hospital at Isiokolo, but referred to Orerokpe after he was revived.

“The police at Isiokolo made an attempt to arrest the boys, but they resisted and the police chickened out, claiming as military officers, they must be dealt with by their command. “It took the intervention of my humble self and a serving magistrate to prevail on the DPO, who mobilised about 20 mobile police personnel to the community. Two were apprehended, as three had left before police arrived.”

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