5 Times The Sexy! British GQ Celebrates David Beckham With Multiple Covers

David Beckham-OnoBello (1)


40-year-old former soccer star turned fashion god, David Beckham is on the cover (all five of them) of British GQ’s special-edition March 2016 issue.

There’s a twist however as all the covers save one photographed by Nadav Kander, were selected from an exhibition at London’s Phillips Galleries of some of the most iconic photographs taken of Beckham by artists including Damien Hirst, Marc Hom, Annie Leibovitz, Vincent Peters, Mario Sorrenti and Paul Wetherell.

 According to British GQ, these photoswill showcase how Beckham’s image has evolved – and where it’s about to take him.

“David Beckham really has a golden aura about him these days, a star quality burnished by a dedication to self-improvement, a savvy series of brand endorsements and the not inconsiderable fact that the public as a whole appear to have taken him to their hearts…”

The 5 selected covers were photographed by Nadav Kander, Inez and Vinoodh,Vincent Peters, and Marc Hom.


Check them out below!



David Beckham-OnoBello (2) David Beckham-OnoBello (3)
David Beckham-OnoBello (4) David Beckham-OnoBello (5)





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