5 Ways You Can Grow Out Your Beards Like Noble Igwe!


It doesn’t take so much in growing out your beards and maintaining it. Yes, fuller beards could be from the genes but there are natural ways you can grow out your beards and slay like a real man.

Avoid scanty beards they are not appealing and do not look nice on anyone. If your beards do not connect properly it is advisable to follow these tips for  healthy and fuller beards.

  1. Stay hydrated: Water is an ultimate factor in growing a healthy beards. You have to drink a lot of water regularly.
  2. Eat healthy: What you eat determines the outcome of your beards, so you have to make sacrifices and eat more of greens to grow your beards faster
  3. Exercise:  This helps a lot, it goes a long way in keeping your beards healthy and also relaxes your body, thereby making blood flow flexibly.
  4. Jamaican black castor oil: This works so well, it grows your hair rapidly. That is why women are advised not to use Jamaican black castor oil on their face, body or skin. So make sure you rub or massage your beard every day for effective result.
  5. Vitamin E oil: This also works supper well like the castor oil. It makes your beard shine even more and look super good. It also gives it strength and makes it look preserved and moisturized.

See more photos of Noble Igwe rocking his well connected beards!





Credit: Noble Igwe/instagram

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