“73 Out Of 96 Attempts Result In Death”! Arik Air Stowaway Daniel Ohikhena Is Lucky

We have previously brought you two separate reports on the teenager Daniel Ohikhena, found in stowaway,Click Here and Here
According to reports, the teenager wanted to fulfill lifelong ambition of traveling to America and living the American dream like he saw in movies. According to his brother, Daniel told him each time they were watching movies, that he will travel abroad and that he would go to the airport to board a plane.

Picture 1- Nigerian Boy -Ikhena
As reported by Vanguard, he and his sister had an argument a night before he left home after she caught him watching television in the wee hours of the morning. The argument was promptly settled by their grandmother, but on waking up in the morning, Daniel was nowhere to be found.
Contrary to earlier reports pointing at Daniel been continually maltreated by his mother prompting his decision to leave home, his trader mother known as Mrs Ohikhena is quoted as saying ‘ I did not maltreat my him, but I don’t play with him. And I don’t joke with my children’s education’

According to statistics, there were 96 stowaway attempts worldwide from 1947 to September 2012 which resulted in a total of 73 deaths. Aviation expert, David Learmont added that survivors were known to be those who travelled at either low altitude or relatively short distances.


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