A 70-Year-Old Chinese Man, a Bicycle, 11 Phones and a Pokemon Go Addiction

Pokemon Go Chinese Man OnoBello

70 year old Pokemon Go fanatic, Chen San-yuan, has rigged up 11 smartphones on his bicycle in a bid to become a real-life Pokemon master.

Chen San-yuan can play up to 20 hours in a row of the mobile game on the streets of Taiwan before his phones and nine power banks carried in his bike’s basket run dry. Sometimes he is out until 4am throwing digital pokeballs with just the flick of his finger.

The Feng Shui master said he spends about £1,165 a month on his many Pokemon Go app purchases and the equipment needed to power his gear –  he’s now hoping to mount 15 phones on it before long. It’s also helping to stave off his Alzheimer’s he claims, and connect him with other players in his old age.

He just might catch ’em all!

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