A Fragrance That Travels Through Time! Iconic Ajmal Perfumes Launches at Montaigne Place


“A fragrance is all that it takes to travel through time, such is the bond between memory and smell”– Late Haji Ajmal Ali.

Ajmal perfumes has a rich family heritage, offering six decades of expertise in crafting some of the most enchanting and enticing French masterpieces and Oriental Classics around  the world now retails exclusively  in Montaigne Place.

Ajmal proudly presents a bouquet of the finest contemporary fragrances with mesmerizing scents. These selections appeal to modern connoisseurs who are also deeply rooted in traditional values. These concentrated perfume oils and eau de parfums offer discerning consumers a truly memorable experience.


Eternal by Ajmal is the luxury marque of Ajmal Perfumes. Steeped in a luxurious fusion of old-world Arab charm and modern chic, it presents alluring fragrances and oils originating from the Gulf of Arabia.

Distinct, one-of-a-kind and premium, from design to offering, Eternal by Ajmal is a reflection of purity and rarity.



Ajmal II

Handcrafted to perfection, Ajmal II is comparable to a precious diamond by virtue of its fine, exquisite workmanship.


Al Janaan

A creation that revolves around the mystifying, magical & the most alluring ingredient ‘Musk’. A unisex aphrodisiac Crafted to exude sophistication & elegance.




A spirit that does not tire to search for something special; a pursuit so pure, unforgiving, unending, relentless.



A rich floral spicy woody accord crafted with heritage and tradition in mind, this fragrance appeals to those looking for first class rare oriental fragrances that reverberate with the Middle Eastern charm.



A fragrance designed to appeal to connoisseurs of fine fragrances, revelling in its magnificence, reflecting Arabian charm throughout the accord. The fragrance will attract individuals looking for essence of Arabia



Unveiling a story of passion, of tender love, of a life less ordinary. The fragrance perfectly underlines a uniquely compassionate and independent personality designed for individuals who are sophisticated, elegant, confident and assertive.


A unique offering from Ajmal, the signature collections combine the highest quality raw materials created for fragrance connoisseurs. Its elegant packaging reflects the fusion of nature, passion and artistry contained in each bottle.


Ajmal W Series is a very special and luxurious Signature collection which includes extraordinary fragrances based on wood. The W-Series collection is a statement of class for the perfume connoisseurs and undoubtedly the finest bespoke fragrances from the House of Ajmal.


The latest collection AJMAL M SERIES is inspired by shades of musk intertwines in three new compositions, Amber Musc, Violet Musc and Cuir Musc.


Be it basking in the limelight, striking a pose or exuding a glamorous vibe, with the Prestige Collection from Ajmal, you do it with a lot more panache. This contemporary range is designed for men and women whose vivacious energy enthrals us all. The Prestige collection is a refreshing and vibrant choice and is preferred by those who love to let their dynamic presence linger ever after.


Accord Boise  




Shadow Amor


Evoke for women


Evoke for men

Ajmal concentrated perfume oils and eau de parfums offer discerning consumers a truly memorable experience. Ajmal is exclusively available at select Montaigne Place outlets. Call 081809900960 for enquiries and deliveries, or log on to www.montaigneplace.com to purchase online.



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