A Look At The Memorable Fashion Moments In The Life Of Goldie Harvey

Last Friday, we reported the sad news about Goldie Harvey’s passing on. Most people would remember her for her energetic music, some would remember her for her participation in the Big Brother Africa in 2012, and everybody is going to remember her for her crazy and mostly out of the world fashion style.

She once referred to herself as “Nigeria’s Lady Gaga” and there is really no need to dispute that. But beneath all the odd outfits and crazy mix was a lady who really knew what she was doing. The persona that radiated off her music videos is a different one from the red carpet diva she chose to be.

Susan “Goldie” Harvey knew when to overstate her outfits, and when to tone it down. She was perhaps not fully Lady Gaga-ish. Her signature was her gold hair, and gold accessories.

We will miss Goldie’s songs, her energy, her full smiles, and mostly her unique outfits.


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