AMillionPinks: Isoken & Ivie Ogiemwonyi Share Their Ensembles & Fashion Adventures In New Blog!

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Isoken Ogiemwonyi, Founder of retail brand ZAZAII, and sister Ivie Ogiemwonyi share their complementing ensembles and fashion adventures in new blog- A Million Pinks.

Isoken shares this post with, titled ‘Black Hats & Cat Eye’s

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Read excerpts:

It’s been a difficult year so far – hard to believe we are barely three months in. Nigeria is in a state of flux and …Uncertainty breeds desperation and despair. In spite of this, my aim this year is to have a good year regardless of the macro environment – My 2016 goal is closely linked to my hashtag this year (lol yup, I have an official hashtag, judge me all you want!) – call it a visual mantra.


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I decided to start blogging again, despite many stops and starts – as one of my challenges to myself. In a conversation with my mentor TFD, I managed to articulate exactly why, I started blogging.



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What She’s Wearing?

Monochrome Jumpsuit |H&M Sunhat | Dapmod Sunglasses

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Photography/Direction: Aweda & Adebayo for Blotworks




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