Actress Stephanie Linus Premieres Reality Show- ‘Make Me Fabulous’


Nollywood Actress and Producer Stephanie Linus produces a one-of-its-kind reality show ‘Make Me Fabulous’ for real people with real issues and real questions.

Make Me Fabulous challenges the norm by addressing the issues of marriage, albeit aesthetic, that might affect everything else. It is 30 minutes of rekindling love with the help of beauty experts.

The series premieres with 13 full episodes this new season that will see appealing transformations and a once in a lifetime lavish and luxurious retreat, couples are set on a journey that will ignite new meaning into their relationships.

According to Stephanie Linus, “I wanted to create an experience that would remind married couples of what they once vowed to- that love always resides within if they just stop and pay attention. Giving couples a chance to connect without distractions, so that they can remember why they fell in love in the first place. This is a show that keeps giving, to ensure that love stays at the epic centre of a family. I want love to win in people’s lives, so I am giving it the attention it deserves.”

The Love inspired reality show is set to hit TV screens on Sunday, May 24, at 7pm on DSTV’s Africa Magic Showcase, Channel 151.




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