Amber Rose Is Strong & Beautiful As She Channels Feminist Icons For Paper Magazine!

1. Amber as Rosie the Riveter-OnoBello Amber as Rosie the Riveter 

These might be our favourite photos of Muva yet!

Model and author, Amber Rose was featured in the latest edition of Paper Magazine and she absolutely slayed in the photos as she channeled some of the feminist movement’s most important icons.

The mother of one who recently releases her women empowering book, “How To Be A Bad Bitch”, spoke to the magazine on how she became a feminist convert after break up with rapper boyfriend, Wiz Khalifa.
“I would look on [Wiz’s] Instagram and he would have pictures of all these women all over him… and then I would post a picture of me and my son. And people would be like, ‘Does your son know that his mother’s a whore?'” she says. “People are like, ‘Wiz is out fucking mad bad bitches and you’re at home crying over him because he’s the best thing that fucking ever happened to you and now you’re just a fat, bald-headed single mother and no one will ever love you.’ So yeah, I guess months of seeing shit like that, I was just like, ‘I can’t live like this. There’s something wrong.'” 


2. as Pussy Riot-OnoBello 3.Amber Rose-OnoBello (1)
as Pussy Riot


Speaking on the first time she was slut shamed, she said she had been at a prty when she was in eighth grade, when one of her classmates took her into a closet and asked her to get down on her knees.
“That young, I didn’t know what [that] meant. It just didn’t register. But he’s like, ‘No, no, I’m telling you, get down on your knees. I’ll show you something.’…And then he just opens the door, right?…And I look over at him and he has his penis in my face, I’m on my knees — and still, girl, I swear to God, I swear on my son’s life, it still didn’t register to me why they were all gasping. I was so young. I fell into a depression. Everyone hated me. I was the school slut.” 


4.Amber Rose-OnoBello (2)  as Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Hughes 

5. as Marlene Dietrich-OnoBello 6. as Susan B. Anthony-OnoBello
as Marlene Dietrich as Susan B. Anthony

7. Amber as Amber Rose-OnoBello Amber as Amber Rose 

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Shoot credits:

Photography: Charlotte Rutherford

Styling: Sammy K. at Cloutier Remix
Luke Miley at LMC Worldwide
Emily Moses at Opus Beauty using Chanel Les Beiges
Dimitris Giannetos at Opus Beauty using L’Oreal Paris 
Manicure: Marisa Carmichael at Streeters using ncLA




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