AMVCAs 2016: OnoBello.Com’s Style Inspiration!


The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards is largely touted as the African Oscars, which is why there is always so much hype about it.

If there’s one event you should definitely not be caught putting the wrong step forward in, it’s the AMVCAs.

So, we’re here to help you get red camera ready. From your outfit right down to your red carpet poses, we got you!

The Outfits

One of the most important things we’ll tell you today is find what works best for your body. That you saw it on Rihanna is not a guarantee that it will be a hit on you.

Secondly, ensure you’re very comfortable with whatever outfit you end up picking. It’s totally absurd to go on the red carpet and be struggling with that low-cut neckline or trying to cover up the thigh-high slit with your purse.

Make sure the colour and fit is exactly right. The colours of the season might not work well for your skin tone, so stick with the shade that best suits you.

If you’re aiming to stand out on the red carpet, originality is key! This always doesn’t translate to quirky or weird. Just do you!

Accessorize it!


For the ladies, the glitterier, the better. Jazz your outfits up with statement pieces that speak for themselves. But keep it minimal if your dress already does all the talking you need.


Guys, you can borrow a tip from Ebuka. Your tie and pocket square do not have to be the same colour but make sure they match. Do not colour-block! And please keep the hideous neck chains away!

Bow ties, as seen on Common, are a perfect choice too.



This would depend on the outfit you’re wearing. If you have a lot going on, please keep the hair away from your face. An up-do or a sleekly slicked-back style is always a winner. That way the whole attention is on your outfit and your flawlessly done makeup.



 Beat that face baby, beat it until it glows. Employ the help of a professional MUA and after they’re done have a good look at yourself in the mirror with a good light to ensure there are no smudges, clogged concealer or an uncovered zit.

Smoky eyes and nude lips is always a winner, but if you’re going for a gothic look then a dark lipstick will do the trick. Find what works for you ahead of time. Remember to keep it fresh and classy.

And while you’re busy thinking of your face, do not forget your nails. Hurry over to the salon and get a mani and pedi!

Be Camera Ready!


There is going to be a lot of flashing lights so you would do right by practicing and mastering your best poses and angles in front of your mirror.

Be sure your hair is laid, Nails did, your face is beat to perfection, no lipstick stains on your teeth please, check again!

The camera catches every single detail – Never forget this!











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