Apostle Suleman Tried to Kill Me!- Stephanie Otobo Tells All.. | Watch Her Recent Interview

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Following the alleged sex scandal between Apostle Johnson and Stephanie Otobo, things are definitely getting heated!

Now Stephanie Otobo has granted Linda Ikeji TV an exclusive interview and she is holding nothing back.

Check out the highlights from the interview:

On how she met Apostle Suleman:

“I thought I needed guidance from a spiritual father, so I texted him… He asked for my BB pin and pictures, thought he needed it for vision”

He later said “He likes me; my wife doesn’t sexually attend to me…I should not look at him with pastor eyes”

On his relationship with Daniella Okeke:

So we have seen how Daniella Okeke denied her relationship with Apostle Suleman, receipts below!

Stephanie Otobo has something to say about that, “When I asked him if he had done this before, that’s when I heard that name and it has been stock in my head.” He said they broke up when I met him.

She also said “I believe his manhood is different” and she has written a petition for his arrest.

Watch full video below.



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