Another Brutal Killing: Hoodlums, Police Murder Delta State University Student And Friend

You would think in a country where the three tiers of government are functional, and adding the fact that much campaign was held late last year concerning this issue when 4 students of Port Harcourt University where gruesomely murdered in a case of mistaken identity, such events that will lead to the public display of cannibalistic instinct and dehumanization of a fellow citizen would have been curbed by taken more stringent measures at this time and age.

But on July 21, 2013, Nigeria witnessed yet another case of “Jungle Justice” when a 25-year-old student of Delta State University (Delsu), named Ifechukwude Nwainokpor, and his friend, identified simply as Kazeem where brutally murdered by a mob who had presumed the victims to be robbers in Badagry, Lagos.
According to The Punch, the two victims were handcuffed together. They were covered in their own blood and beaten to death with sticks. Tyres were also put round  their necks while an irate mob chanted, “die, die, burn them, burn them.”

At some points in the video, a policeman was seen interviewing the boys. He asked who sent them (victims) to rob the area. One of the hoodlums attempted to cut off the private part of one of the victims. Nwainokpor pleaded with the hoodlums and policemen to spare his life, saying he could identify himself if given a chance. His plea, however, fell on deaf ears.

The question is for how long will this kind of killings continue? Just last week, so much controversies filled the social networks and media over underage marriage while issues like this one lay unattended to. We need to iron out this issue once and for all!

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