Another Human Barbie? Alina Kovalevskaya Claims She’s Never Had Plastic Surgery

The human Barbies are coming out of the woodwork!


Alina Kovalevskaya is the latest woman to be dubbed a real-life Mattell doll. The 21-year-old, who resides in Odessa, Ukraine (the same city as human Barbie part one, Valeria Lukyanova).

“I look like a doll,” said Kovalevskaya. “Big eyes, little nose, small plump lips. I love long hair. My hair is a meter long.”


Kovalevskaya, who was once friends with the controversial human Barbie Valeria, said the two are now rivals. “I have had certain misunderstandings with her after which we ceased to communicate,” Kovalevskaya explained. “I realized she is not a person with whom I would like to talk to or even be friends.”



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