President Goodluck Jonathan Vows To Find Missing Chibok Girls, Says Anti-Terrorism Has Improved

Speaking at yesterday’s (Sunday May 4th, 2014) presidential media chat, President Goodluck Jonathan vowed that he will find the missing Chibok secondary school girls, he also had some interesting responses to questions asked on the state of terrorism in Nigeria.

See some things Mr. President said on terrorism attacks in the country:

“Now, it has really gone down. Before, most times, those who attend service with me in the State House will be looking at my face; and after some time, it is not likely to change,” he said.

“In those dark days, we will be in service and hear that in Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Gombe, they are blasting churches. But now, it has really improved.”

“When you wake up and you hear that there was a bomb blast somewhere, as a Nigerian, you are tempted to say certain things. But it takes those who are currently handling it and those who are in the shoes to even explain what has been done, and what has not been done,” Jonathan said.

“The ordinary person will not want to hear a bomb blast anywhere, whether it is in Nigeria, whether it is in Syria, whether it is in Egypt, whether it is in Pakistan, whether it is in Kenya. No ordinary citizen of a country will want to hear of a bomb blast.”

“The state of emergency is effective. You see, a number people think differently when you talk about state of emergency. Some Nigerians even feel that if you declare state of emergencies, the political administrations must collapse,” he said.

“That is their own idea of a state of emergency — [that] the governor will leave, the state assembly will be dissolved, local government chairmen and councillors will leave. That is their own thinking of a state of emergency; and as long as those people are there, they feel that the state of emergency is not complete.

“Some feel that if it is a state of emergency, you are going to handle internal security issues as if you’re fighting international war. Even in international war, conventional soldiers operate under strict guidelines. You are aware of soldiers and governments being prosecuted for war crimes. And that is the advantage criminals have over soldiers. Criminals use cartridges to fire a car. But a soldier cannot. A soldier cannot use ordinary rifle; it has to be during confrontation.”

“If we don’t declare state of emergency in Borno State, for example, and if Mr. A or Chief A or Alhaji A has weapons in his house, we can’t enter that house until we get search warrant,” Jonathan said.

“As a security person, you can’t enter that house until you get search warrant. You cannot force yourself in; you will be sued. It is against our laws — to protect people. But the state of emergency helps us, so that if we suspect that you are hiding a criminal or hiding weapons in your house, we can enter your house without you suing government. So it is not as that if you declare state of emergency, you wipe out everybody.

“There is no conventional war where you have troop that you’re going to conquer and take over that territory and it ends. So in a state of emergency, you don’t expect the Nigerian Air Force to go and blast everywhere and wipe out everybody. So if somebody says the state of emergency is not successful, they are not being realistic, and they are saying that out of frustration, because they feel that maybe it has taken too long for this crisis to end.”

“We are consulting. And if we need to extend it, we will extend it, because I believe that we are succeeding and it has been very helpful for the operations.”

“In this country, for quite some time, we have not been equipping our Armed Forces that much, because we’ve never had challenges until this issue of Boko Haram came,” he said.

“So what we’re trying to do within a period is what we should have done in the past 10 years or so; and we’re doing just that now.”

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