Atiku Calls on PDP to Take Disciplinary Action Against Senator Abbo

Atiku Abubakar

The 2019 presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar has on Wednesday, called on the Peoples Democratic party to take disciplinary action against Senator Abbo who physically assaulted a woman in an Abuja adult shop.

The Former Vice President of Nigeria had also advised the young Senator to voluntarily surrender to the police and publicly apologize to the woman who he assaulted as was seen in a CCTV video that was shared on the social media.

Atiku, in a statement, said he became saddened after watching the video involving Senator Abbo assaulting the lady and further said the law must be allowed to take its full course.

The Former Vice President, urged the party to take necessary disciplinary action. He stated: “I have seen the alleged assault video involving Sen. Elisha Abbo. The video is sad, inexcusable. I know the Senator quite well. But the law is clear and leaders must lead by example.

“‪‪I advise him to publicly apologize, voluntarily go to the police and show a good example expected of a young leader. I also call on our party, the PDP to take necessary disciplinary action and the Nigerian Police to ensure the law takes its full course.”

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