Avant: Lauren Du Plessis & Bailey Alison

This dynamic brand is powered by design duo Lauren du Plessis and Bailey Alison, both LISOF graduates.



The label is graphic, boxy, linear, uncomplicated and clean and is created within the constraints of clean, simple, neat lines with hints of tailored components, as well as a generous helping of form and shape suggesting a futuristic influence. This label is undoubtedly a juxtaposition of definite form and shape within the loose confines of drapery. Superb attention is paid to fit and finishes, with fringing and fitted displaying predominantly in the collection.

Avant’s current focus on the young female trendsetter is just the starting block for these two designers, never failing to live up to their principle of pushing the boundaries. The brand intends expanding into menswear in the near future.

For more information, visit the Facebook: Avant Apparel

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