Ayo Van Elmar Dishes Tricks To Making Healthy Cold Salad Breakfast In Less Than 5 Minutes


Nutritionist, Ayo Van Elmar is back with another healthy episode of Eat Right Africa. Here, she shows us how to make a cold salad breakfast in less than 5 minutes  as well as the nutritional values of adding Avocado to your diet.

She says:

“Adding avocados to your diet regularly lowers the level of harmful cholesterol. If they are in season and are available in your neighbourhood, you could easily add an avocado to your diet to boost your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, whether you are on a diet or not.

Avocado is tagged as the super food because the creamy flesh is rich in monounsaturated fats. Avocados are also a rich source of other compounds, such as fiber and plant sterols. These compounds may also contribute to their healthful benefits.

Avocados can be sliced into salads, spread on sandwiches, or mashed to make guacamole. For healthy snacking, instead of eating the guacamole with salty chips or tortillas, try slices of carrots and cucumbers.”


Watch the video below and find out health benefits of avocados and cucumbers!














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