Ayobami Okekunle – The Few Models Management Model Having The Most Sophisticated Fashion Season

Ayobami Okekunle CRF Fashion 1

Few Models Management continues its winning streak with its commitment to helping and building strong fashion modelling careers for girls. Though the success of Eniola Abioro is still fresh in our minds, here comes Ayobami Okekunle, another model discovered by Few Models who is making big waves in the international fashion modelling industry.

Ayobami Okekunle CRF Fashion 2

Ayobami was scouted on instagram, after an image of her appeared on the explore page of the director of Few Models Management, Bolajo Fawehinmi. She sent her message asking her if she wanted to be a model, to which she replied “I don’t think so”, Ayobami was later convinced to stop by the agency with her sister and in the words of Bolajo  “I knew she was a real deal the moment I walked into the agency that morning and saw her sitting in the chair”.

Ayobami Okekunle CRF Fashion 3

Bolajo later introduced to Ayobami to her friend at IMG agency and she was signed to IMG agency the next day, with Few Models Management still being her mother agency. In the space of three weeks after getting to London she shot for Vogue Magazine (twice), Elle Magazine and CRF fashion.

Ayobami Okekunle for Another Magazine


Ayobami Okekunle for CRF Fashion


Ayobami Okekunle for Vogue UK (second time)

She made her worldwide debut on the runway at Yves Saint Laurent in Paris and was later released to Givenchy. She was listed as number two by SatisfashionUG as “one of the eight African models to watch out for in 2018”

Ayobami Okekunle for Vogue UK

Ayobami Okekunle Givenchy Appearance 2

Ayobami Okekunle Givenchy Appearance

Ayobami Okekunle YSL Apperance




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