Banke Meshida-Lawal Covers Tribe & Elan Magazine, Talks Staying Ahead Of Competition & More



Top Nigerian makeup artist, BankeMeshida-Lawal of BM|Pro covers the latest edition of Tribe & Elan Magazine.

In the issue, Banke talks staying ahead of competition, her popular bridal makeups and more.

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On how she has managed to stay at the top of her game despite the increasing number of makeup artists:First of all, I started doing makeup as a hobby. I have always seen it as something I just find myself doing. We just put in a lot into what we do at BMPRO. We don’t see makeup as a service we are there to provide just on a day. So there is a build-up and a relationship we strike between us and our entire client and we nurture the relationships. I suppose we try to be innovative, like I said, we don’t just do makeup, we do makeup that they are confident wearing and of course they become the centre of attention at their events. Staying ahead has just been something that has come with the territory.

On what else she would’ve done if she weren’t a makeup artist: I wanted to be a diplomat and I still have hopes (laughs). I may still be an ambassador to some country, go and live there and experience their culture.

On why she does more of bridal makeup: No, I do other forms of makeup , I think my bridal work is just most popular – there’s a lot of attention to detail with my bridal work and this is much celebrated. I have friends that I do on the regular and some of them are private people but my bridal work is just a bit more celebrated. Most people for their wedding, they will rather use a veteran because it is easier and I am very easy to work with because when it comes to the pressure associated with weddings, you don’t need a makeup artist to come and compound that.

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Shoot credits:
Photography: BM|Pro
Make-up: Annabel for BM|Pro



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