Banned Kannywood Actress Rahama Sadau Gets Invited to Hollywood by Akon & Jeta Amata

Rahama Sadau


Remember Rahama Sadau was banned from Kannywood by the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) for featuring in Jos, Plateau state-born singer, Classiq’s new music video for hugging and cuddling the singer.

Well, it has turned out that the disappointment may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

After the Best Kannywood actress for 2014 and 2015, apologized to her fans and Nigerians, Senegalese-American singer and Producer Akon seemed to have gotten wind of the news of her ban. He has invited Rahama to his Hollywood movie set where he is working on an ongoing movie production with Nigerian movie director Jeta Amata.

Rahama took to Twitter to make the announcement, here’s what she tweeted.


Rahama recently cinched her biggest role in an EbonyLife TV ‘Sons Of The Caliphate’ – a new political and cultural series that premiered during the week.

The 13-part drama series about the lives of three rich, passionate and ambitious young men who are caught up in the hidden corners of power, the darkness of addiction and the obligations of family loyalty promises to take the audience on a journey into the rich, cultural and flamboyant aristocratic lifestyle of Northern Nigeria.



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