Barbie Looking Fierce! Nicki Minaj Stuns Vogue Arabia Cover

NickiMinaj OnoBello (1 of 2)

The female rapper and barbie, Nicki Minaj covers the September edition of vogue Arabia magazine.

Nicki lands her first ever Vogue cover, the female rapper says she is smart, talented, and as creative as any other man. Her fourth album is number one in eighty-five countries.
she reveals on September issue, that “I always thought, I’m going to get the hell out of this joint, stop waitressing, and become a big superstar.” In her vogue cover story.

More from the exclusive interview is on September issue of Vogue Arabia.

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NickiMinaj OnoBello (2 of 2)


Photographer: @emmasummerton
Interview: @mrarnaut
Stylist: @annakatsanis
Fashion director: @katieellentrotter
Hair: @kimblehaircare
Makeup: @makeupdaley


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