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So #BBNaija season 3 started on the 28 of January 2018 in South Africa, with Live Launch Show hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. The Launch show saw 20 contestants admitted into the house as housemates, with this year’s theme being #DoubleWahala .

On a weekly, I will bring you a roundup of all that went down,it will be divided into 9 different categories, that covers a the activities in the house; Which are


DIARY SESSIONS – The diary sessions, are private sessions between the individual housemates and biggie. Has anyone noticed the change in Big brother’s voice? The one diary session that got me was when Bito told bigge that he wouldn’t have admitted K-brule into the house! Ah! Because k-brule jumped from upstairs, keep reading why he jumped.

HEAD OF HOUSE CHALLENGE – The head of house task happens every Monday and Tobi Bakare won the first head of house challenge, he was rewarded by biggie, the reward earned him a luxury room upstairs, he was asked to choose someone he wants to share his reward with, he chose Cece, he claims they understand each other.

LOVE TRIANGLE – So Biggie decided to pair the housemates, he asked each female housemates to go choose a male housemate, Aneekha got turned down by Deeone 😱, Rico and K-brule seemed to have a problem as most girls didn’t pick them. Has anyone noticed the pair of TeddyA and BamBam? #TedBam this name was coined up by the pair, as Biggie instructed all pair to come up with a name. TeddyA and Bam Bam have a mutual understanding. Then the pair of Nina and Miracle #MiNa they were the first to share a kiss in the house, I love this pair because of Miracle, irrespective of what the housemates thinks of Nina as being Dumb, he still stands by her, adviced her not to engage in a fight in anyone, but she should always defend herself, he was also seen loosing her hair. The pair of Cece and Tobi #CeBi ERM am I the only one who thinks the relationship between this pair isn’t mutual or maybe Cece is being careful but she seem very controlling and Tobi is helplessly in love with her, well it is just a week, they still have 81 weeks to go.

FIGHTS – Klohe and Alex almost got into a physical battle because Alex thinks Klohe isn’t a good leader and keep reading to find out why.

ACTIVITIES – During the week, Biggie grouped the housemates into 2, 10 in each team to come up with a show for the week, Khloe was the team head for group A – Team Red and Teddy A was the team head for group B – Black Knights, they were to come up with their group name and a battle cry, then their show. Biggie wasn’t impressed, he said the housemates were Lazy, Lousy, dirty and flouting rules. He gave them a punishment, by asking them to separate Rice and beans grains that were mixed together into different bowls.


This happens on Fridays, here the contestants are to play a game or fix a puzzle. Last Friday, they were to assembl the Big Brother’s Logo. Bito was the first to complete the task in a good time of 2minutes 33 seconds, other housemates did fixed theirs except Nina. Bito is yet to be rewarded.

SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY – On Saturday evening, the housemates are allowed party! Good enough this year, all housemates made an attempt to dance, unlike last year that saw one of the contestants always sitting during party time. Alex’s energy was lit on the dance floor. After the party they attempted a game that saw Antho kiss Lolu, that left K-brule in shock as Antho didn’t initially kiss K-brule, but could kiss Lolu. K-brule jumped from upstairs and sprained his ankle, people are speculating he was tipsy, I think he was just reacting to the shock from Antho.

NOMINATIONS – Here housemates get to secretly nominate housemates they dont get along with, for possible eviction. There is no nomination yet for this week, but lets see what happens as Khloe, Cece and Nina are the list liked in the house.

SUNDAY EVICTION LIVE SHOW – Ebuka Obi-Uchendu the host of BBNaija, was looking dapper on the stage as he hosted the Sunday eviction life show, but this Sunday, no one was up for eviction, the housemates were told there would be an eviction next week, but we watching from home already have an idea that it would be a fake eviction. K-brule was the first housemate to get a strike. Team #TedBam and #Cebi are up against each other for the head of house task in this new week, stay with on here next week to find out who won.

Till I come your way next week, if PHCN doesn’t allow you watch or your subscription has expired or you are too busy to keep up, always keep a date with Big Sister Uju on Onobello.com for the weekly rundown.





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  1. It is 81 days not weeks. But thanks for this updates, looking forward to more of it, as I missed out on most of this week’s show.

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