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Do you remember her dare with housemate Bassey right before she was evicted? When questioned she had this to say;

“It was fun while it lasted. For the 10 seconds it was fun”

CocoIce, the third housemate to be evicted from Big Brother Nigeria, says she had fun and no regrets during her time at the house; even if she had to do it again she would still keep it real!

We cannot wait for her new music.

 Read the interview below!

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How would you describe your experience in the house?

My experience in the Big Brother Naija house was fun. It was great, a lot of mixed feelings but all together it was amazing. It is something that I can never forget.

From hanging with you so far, you seem very chilled out. Was the Cocoice we saw on TV for the game or was that the real you?

The Coco ice you saw on Tv was just getting into the game. I was just warming up to people, it takes time for me to get comfortable with people, that’s how I am.

The house is filled with various characters. Naturally, you are entitled to like certain people, and not like others. Clearly, you found a way of getting along with everyone in the house, but who would you say, personally, was your least favourite person in the house?

Honestly, I don’t know. I didn’t really have a least favourite person. I can say maybe there were some people I wasn’t really close to up to a certain point but it all balanced out at the end. So there isn’t anyone I could say was my least favourite.

There was a point when you were in the house that you broke the internet! Everyone was had you name on their lips and social media was buzzing for days. At the point of the incident of the dare, did you realise you were going to cause such a storm?

Trust me with the truth or dare, I was just having fun. I mean it was a truth or dare and I actually don’t like losing a dare. So at that moment, I was just bad gal Cocoice. I went ahead with the dare without thinking about it.

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When Bassey was completing his end of the dare, we could see that you were dancing and was in somewhat of a jolly mood. Would you say you enjoyed it or was it just normal?

Yes now! It was fun while it lasted. For the 10 seconds it was fun.

Now, there is an issue we would like to address. So many ladies out there, and indeed, gentlemen in Nigeria, still cannot admit that they smoke cigarettes. In the house, you did not hide your choice as an adult to smoke. What is your opinion about how society views ladies who smoke cigarettes?

I would start with the fact that I personally started smoking when I lost my mum. It is a very bad habit I am trying to kick but it is hard. People smoke for different reasons; you cannot judge people because of a stick of cigarette. The way the society sees it might not change and I can only speak for myself. However the society wants to see it is their opinion and I am not here to change that. To be honest this is a very dicey question.

If you could go back into the house, would you play the game different or will you go with the same strategy?

To start with I did not have a strategy when I was going into the house. But maybe next time if I ever had the chance to do this all over again, I would still be real but then I would probably have a very strong strategy

You are now out of the house and your world has changed.

Definitely, my world has completely turned around for greatness. Opportunities are more available to me. The BBN is a very big platform and I am already riding the wave. So I would honestly say that my world has changed for the good.

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Before entering the Big Brother Nigeria house, you were an up and coming rapper with a bit of fame. What is your plan now that you are out, and what can your fans, who want to always see your face expect from the brand COCOICE?

I am going to be releasing a song titled “feeling my P” really soon. Then I am going to be doing collaborations with big names like hopefully, God willing, Olamide, Falz, Tiwa Savage, and some other creatively cool artists in Nigeria. I am open to collaborations right now, afterwards my album definitely

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Photographed by Ademola Odusami


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