Beauty Blogger, Dimma Umeh Fronts The Latest Issue Of Accelerate TV’s The Cover

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Nigerian beauty vlogger and lifestyle influencer, Dimma Umeh with YouTube subscribers of over 300, 000 have bagged her first magazine cover and the images are so drool-worthy.

Tapped for the latest issue of Accelerate TV’s The Cover, the stunning lifestyle influencer takes us through what creating content, vlogging and living in Lagos is like for a popular YouTuber.

See excerpts below.

On life as a vlogger and influencer

First of all, I thought this whole thing was a joke, like I just started putting out videos for the sake of it, I thought it was fun, I loved the way others looked doing it. But I think that two years in, I started figuring out at that point that this could be so much more. Now I live off of Youtube, I pay my rent off Youtube. I never thought when I first started that I could live off of it.

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On her creative process

It is so funny because a lot of people think that I am this organized person; my creative process is actually not the most organized, however, I do have a process now. So it mostly just always involves coming up with an idea, making notes of points that I’d want to highlight in that video from that idea, filming, then after filming, editing. Editing takes a lot of time, so sometimes it’s either me, cause I do the bulk of the editing, but sometimes if I have a lot to do at a particular point in time, I hire an editor who works with me. Then I upload, and after that, I figure out a good thumbnail to use, because I feel like the videos can be great but if your thumbnails don’t have a call to action then you’ve done all of that in vain.

On dealing with negative comments

When it comes to negative comments, the best thing I’d say is to know that all the things they’ve said have nothing whatsoever to do with you. It’s them, and they’re just saying it because they feel like they can say it to you, the moment you begin to look at it like that you know that they’re not really worth your time, you can pray for them as I pray for them.

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Watch the interview below.

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