Beauty Tips: 10 Commandments For Long-Lasting Makeup

For those who work long hours, want to party through the night or simply need to sit for hours for a photo-shoot and don’t want to touch up their makeup each time, here are the tips to help you keep your makeup on till you are ready to clean if off.

Thou Shall Exfoliate

Makeup sitting on flaky skin flakes off. Use a gentle micro bead scrub, or even just a washcloth, to buff away any dead cells on the surface of your skin

Thou Shall Not Over Moisturize
Beautiful skin is hydrated skin, but rich moisturizer will make your makeup fade fast. The solution is to use a moisturizing mask

Thou Shall Take The Time To Prime

Applying a primer is an extra step that&#39s incredibly worthwhile when you have a long day—or night—ahead. Primers are packed with silicone, which prevents the oil on your skin from breaking down your makeup.

Thou Shall Believe That Less Is More
The more makeup you apply, the more there is to slide, smudge or smear. This is especially true of foundation.

Thou Shall Conceal—Sparingly
After foundation, apply a densely pigmented (not runny) concealer, targeting any remaining dark spots or blemishes.

Honor Both Cream And Powder Formulas
On the eyes and cheeks, use a cream color first; then dust a powder in the same shade on top. “The two formulas make a beautiful team—the cream holds the powder in place, and the powder keeps the cream from fading

Thou Shall Covet Waterproof Eye Pencils
The most long-lasting eyeliner option is a waterproof pencil. Waterproof pencils used to be chalky and difficult to apply, but now they&#39re just as easy to use as regular formulas.

Thou Shall Shun Glosses
When you need your makeup to last, you have no use for lip gloss, which disappears quickly.

Thou Shall Use Translucent Powder
Colourless loose powder is the final step to indestructible makeup. Too much powder, though, will create a chalky finish. You can hit only the nose, chin and the center of the forehead, where makeup tends to disappear.

Thou Shall Leave The House Prepared
You should always have basic makeup products in your bag.

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