Beauty Tips: Easy Steps To Get Smokey Eyes

The Smokey eye is both sexy and classic. Smokey eyes have been a big style for quite awhile and there&#39s no sign this particular trend is dying. The key to the perfect Smokey eye is proper blending. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to get the perfect Smokey eye.

1.    Start with a black cream eye shadow/shade stick on your eyelid and blend out the edges with a clean blending brush.If you crease easily underneath your eye you should put a nude cream shadow/ primer there as well.

2.   Wash on some matte grey eye shadow around the black shadow so that you get a Smokey finish. Put it underneath the eye as well.

3.    No dark Smokey eye without eyeliner! Grab a black soft eyeliner and line along both the upper and the lower lash line and on the waterline. Blend it out and between the lashes with a small brush.

4.    Now that we´ve smoked out the eyeliner it´s easier to go in with the black eye shadow so that we make sure we don´t get too much black and end up with panda eyes. Put the black in the outer corner and inner corner to get some depth, and leave the middle part as it is.

5.    Get some shadow on the brush and tap the brush to get rid of glitter that is in danger of falling down on your cheeks. Dab the brush carefully on the centre of your eye lid, do not stroke it as with other eye shadows.

6.    Use the same technique to dab on some of the same eye shadow underneath the eye as well leaving the outer part dark. Brush on a light slightly shimmery eye shadow on the brow bone to lift the eyebrows.

7.    Slap on a couple of coats of a volume mascara and you´re done. Remember to keep the rest of your face nude for dark make-up like this.
Over time, we’ve spotted people on the red carpet with the Smokey eye trend, here are a few:

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