Beauty Tips: Hair Extensions Care And Treatment The Right Way

Most women don’t know how to take care of their extensions while others are too impatient to do so. Ladies using their human hair extensions for more than three years is not unheard of. Hair extensions are to be taken care of just as you would your own natural hair.


•    Before washing, fold the hair neatly from the weft and use a rubber band to bond it.
•    Brush the hair out starting from the bottom and working your way up using a paddle brush.
•    Wash hair in lukewarm or tepid water; make sure its hanging loose.
•    Please avoid cheap shampoos and conditioners, use quality, professional brands.

•    Distribute shampoo and conditioner evenly throughout the hair.
•    Start with the weft, pat the weft in shampoo and water to wash out the dirt caused by sweat.
•    This is the dirtiest part of the hair so depending on how dirty the water gets after washing the weft, you can change the water and start over.

•    Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the hair together, simply slide your hand over the hair repeatedly until it is clean.
•    Rinse shampoo thoroughly and apply conditioner through the hair.
•    Some people leave the conditioner in it for a few minutes before washing. 

•    Rinse thoroughly.
•    Never use products that contain sulphur.
•    Pat excess water from hair and allow to air dry. Avoid pulling hair while wet. Never sleep with wet hair.


•    When brushing use a soft bristle brush or a paddle brush with wide teeth (and a wide tooth comb for wavy/curly hair).
•    Start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up to the roots.
•    Brush your hair 2 or 3 times a day if possible. Be careful with the use of blow-dryers and curling irons.

•    It is best to let your hair dry naturally whenever possible.
•    You can either air dry or put in bendy rollers and allow to air dry.
•    Most ladies use hair cream, oil and other alcohol based products on their hair which is not ok. Human hair is softer and silkier and any oil based cream will weigh the hair down, causing it to go limp and also tangle. A hair serum is appropriate for such extensions but you are required to use sparingly.

•    Furthermore do not apply any heavy oils on your scalp either as they will seep on to the hair extension, in turn weighing it down and resulting in restricted movement and


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