Beauty Tips: How To Avoid The Too-Light Concealer Look

Way too light under eye concealer gets in the way of everything, especially pictures taken at night. It makes it seem like you applied your make-up in the dark or don’t know your skin colour. When you’re going to be photographed you have to be very careful. That camera flash can be brutal.

Typically you want your undereye concealer to match your skin tone but be no more than one shade lighter. If you have dark spots or dark circles you want to cover, a concealer with a honey undertone worn under your foundation works best to cancel out the darkness.

Some concealers to try for caramel and darker skin tones are MAC Full Coverage Foundation in Orange, the BlackUp Click Pen Concealer, or the BlackUp Matifying Foundation. These products neatly and imperceptibly cover blemishes and imperfections while providing long-lasting finish and leaving the complexion looking even.


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