Beauty Tips: How To Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

Rosy lips are one of the most important elements of a woman’s charm which add to her appeal. No doubt, naturally rosy and pink lips look visually appealing. Dark lip is a problem with many girls. Lips that are pink are considered as beautiful and no one would like to have dark lips. But if your lips are dark, then do not lose hope. There are several natural tips which if followed regularly can lighten your lips to a great extent.

Natural Home Remedies
1. Increase your water intake. Low water content in body can make your lips dry and cracked thereby making them look darker.

2. If you are suffering from dry lips, keep a lip balm handy.

3. Exfoliate your lips daily. Take some coarsely powdered sugar, add lemon juice and scrub your lips daily with this mixture. Alternately you can use a baby tooth brush to scrub your lips gently. This will remove the dead cells.

4. Apply pure coconut oil mixed with a few drops of lemon juice on your lips daily. Massage gently, keep for some minutes and wash off.

5. Apply a lip balm with a minimum SPF of 15. Constant sun exposure can darken your lips overtime.

6. The habit of licking the lips can also make them darker overtime so avoid doing that.

7. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are highly effective in lightening the color of your lips, so use them regularly.

8. Take some red rose petals and grind them into a paste. Apply this mixture for at least 15 minutes daily. This is very effective in treating dark lips.

9. Fuller&#39s earth is an excellent natural whitener not only for the facial skin but also your lips. Add some honey in fuller&#39s earth powder and make a paste. Apply this paste as a lip pack at least 2 times a week.

10. Applying fruit and vegetable juices like pomegranate juice, red grape juice or beet root juice can lighten your lips dramatically.

11. Mix coconut water, lemon juice and cucumber juice. Massage your lips with this mixture. Keep for a few minutes and wash off.

12. Before going to bed apply a mixture of almond paste mixed with milk cream on your lips to hydrate and nourish them. Since both almonds and milk have lightening and bleaching properties, they will definitely lighten your lips if used regularly.

13. A pack of gram flour, lemon juice and yogurt is not only excellent for your facial skin but your lips as well. Use it as a lip pack to remove lip darkness.

14. Mix honey and lemon juice in equal quantities and use as a lip balm. It is very effective for lightening dark lips.

15. Avoid smoking, high intake of tea and coffee. They can damage your beauty and lips in the long run.

16. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables which will provide you with sufficient antioxidants and keep your lips pink and glowing at the same time.

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