Beauty Tips: Skin Care Rules To Kick-Start The Month Of April

It&#39s a new month, meaning a fresh opportunity to give your skincare regime a much-needed overhaul. After the Valentine’s Day, Easter and Public Holidays that had us out way beyond our bed times, April is the perfect time to implement some new beauty rules that will last the rest of the year.

Let’s call them Skin care resolutions? And they are so easy and simple that you can implement one every day.

1.    Drink fresh vegetable juice, eat fresh fruit every day, and do not smoke!

2.    Wash your face every night with either a milk cleanser or a gentle foaming cleanser with exfoliating beads.

3.    Once or twice a week use a facial Mask – it will remove any imperfections and gently dissolve all unhealthy cells from your skin&#39s outer layer, leaving you with clear and radiant skin.

4.    After a flight, steam your face and body with a warm shower. It will relax and rehydrate you. Make sure you use a moisturizing mask.

5.    When you wake up in the morning dip a clean cotton pad in the strongest tea left in your tea pot. Gently press the tea soaked cotton pad on your eyes – it will de-puff you and make you look instantly awake.


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