Beauty Tips: The Best Mascara For Your Lashes!


Hey ladies… I know we sometimes want that long,luscious lashes that make our eyes pop, but guess what? It’s only the best mascaras that can get the job done. Mascaras come in different types and compositions. There are basic purposes to look out for in choosing mascaras, they could either be lengthening or volumizing and you can also get them in one composition.

Each mascara comes with different wands, textures and serves a specific purpose. Choosing the right mascara for your lash type is pretty important. First you have to know your lash type, whether short orlong, straight or curly. Here is a rundown of results to expect depending on the mascara you choose.

The Lengthening mascara as the name implies is designed to create illusion of length for short lashes. The long comb-like wand with spaced bristles helps separate, define and give your lashes length to perfection.

For maximum volume, the volumizingmascara is best for people with thin lashes. It creates an illusion of thickness and volume thereby giving your lashes an instant boost.

After all said, here is a little trick on how to use your mascara;with your eyes open, brush the mascara wand from the root of your lashes gently moving outward to its tips. To prevent it from clumping, wiggle the wands as you move towards the end of your lashes. Then apply one coat to your lower lashes.For that extra boost, roll your mascara wand from the top, it curls your lashes and makes them more pronounced.

Looking for volume or length, we have got the perfect mascaras for your lashes… Zaron Lengthening and Volumizing mascaras… Drum roll please!!!They are absolutely worth every penny!

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