Bello El-Rufai Apologizes After Threatening To Gang-Rape Twitter User’s Mother

Bello El Rufai Apologizes for Rape Comments On Twitter OnoBello (1)

Some days ago, Bello El-Rufai, the son of Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, sparked serious conversation on social media after getting into an arguments about politics with a Twitter user and now he’s issuing a letter of apology.

The drama started when Bello tweeted that the President of the USA, Donald Trump has been an incompetent leader since coronavirus started. He wrote: ”There is nothing as radioactive as an incompetent leader during a time of crisis. The United States of America is a case in point. A few states in Nigeria too.”

However, this tweet displeased several Nigerians as they took to the reply section to tackle him, some suggesting that Bello should divert the same energy in criticising President Muhammadu Buhari, rather than passing comments about a president of another country.

Bello later lash out at those who commented on his tweet. In one of hisreplies, he made lewd and sexist comments about women, displayed tribalistic sentiments. The Nigerian governor’s son had also publicly threatened to gang rape a senior citizen in a private message.

“Tell your mother I’m passing her to my friends tonight,” Mr El-Rufai said to his detractor, before adding an ethnic diatribe: “No Igbo sounds please!” Many Nigerians quickly expressed outrage towards him, while anti-rape activists demanded a thorough investigation for probable violation of the Cybercrime Act.:

In all of these, his mum and the First Lady of Kaduna State, Hadiza El-Rufai, defended his tweets as “fair” and implied it’s okay but later apologized for her comment after being called out as well.

Still, some are saying that his apology is simply damage control written with the help of a PR agent. What do you think? Check out all the tweets:

Bello El Rufai Apologizes for Rape Comments On Twitter OnoBello (2)


Bello El Rufai Apologizes for Rape Comments On Twitter OnoBello (3)

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