Between Wizkid, President Buhari’s Aide And The Controversial ‘Old Man’ Comment

Wizkid Lauretta Onochie OnoBello

Wizkid and Lauretta Onochie, the Special Assistant on Social Media to President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday had Twitter buzzing after engaging in a war of words.

Onochie had called out the singer following a recent comment where he called the President an ‘old man’. Taking to Twitter, the president’s aide noted that while there is nothing disrespectful about the singer calling Buhari an old man, his way and manner of approach was not entirely in a good light.

Onochie in her tweet stated that the multiple-award winning musician exhibited a sense of ignorance, insensitivity and childishness with the way he addressed the president as an old man. She further called him a ‘dumb kid’.

“Its not disrespectful to call anyone old. Its the way and manner Ayo Balogun addressed the President that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. He exhibited crass ignorance, insensitivity and childishness. But hey, he’s a #DumbkidNotWhizKid. When he grows up, he might learn respect,” she wrote.

Responding to her tweet, the Wizkid noted that he was simply demanding for good governance in his country and age has nothing to do with it.

“Lol a 77-year-old man is not young ma. You are a woman and a mother and kids are getting killed by police/sars and this is all you have to say? shame on you!!! shame on you!!” he shared, adding, “I am a father and age has nothing to do with demanding for better governance in my country!!”


Recall that over the weekend, the ‘Smile’ singer and other top Nigerian celebrities showed their support for the #EndSARS campaign.

While responding to a get-well-soon tweet Buhari sent to the US President, Donald Trump, over his ill health, Wizkid said, “Donald Trump is not your business! Old man! Police/Sarz still killing Nigerian youth on a daily! Do something! Nothing concern u for America! Face your country!!”

This is coming a day after Lauretta Onochie deemed the police brutality campaign as an attack launched by cyber criminals, stating that they were being joined by unsuspecting citizens.

Minutes after reacting to Onochie’s tweet, Wizkid followed up with a tweet showing support for the end of police brutality. He wrote, “EndSars #Endpolicebrutality.”

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