Beyonce (Finally!) Addresses Elevator Scuffle In “Flawless” Remix With Nicki Minaj

At last! Beyonce gives her say on the  infamous  now famous SolangeJay Z elevator beat down.


Queen Bey unceremoniously released the remix for her “Flawless” single with rapper, Nicki Minaj. This came as a pleasant surprise to many as it wasn’t particularly publicised.

The remix comes off strongly and in reversal to the message of self-acceptance and all that steamed from the original piece. Both ladies channel a rather self-imposed, luxurious impression in the title.

Beyonce doesn’t forget to address the elevator fight between her sister and husband with the lyrics: “Up in this b-tch like elevators. Of course, sometimes, sh-t go down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator”.  Supposedly referring to Solange‘s perceived no-nonsense disposition, she continued: “… My sister told me I should speak my mind”. No wonder Solange gave the first and only punches as Beyonce looked on.

This is why Nicki Minaj delayed the release of her single, “Anaconda”! She said we were going to love the reason why. And fans sure do!

Beyonce and Jay Z are reportedly in the middle of a prolonged split.

In other Beyonce-Flawless news, the singer sampled Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s work on the original version of the song which brought even greater global acclaim for both.

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