Bisola Talks About Life After Big Brother Nigeria In An Interview With Stripped By Bold


The Bubbly and incredibly talented star Bisola Aiyeola popularly known as Bisola shares with Dstv x Bold series how life has been since she left the house, balancing motherhood, fame and a busy schedule and most of all her love for music.

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You almost won the Big Brother Nigeria Challange and it was interesting watching you on our tv screens. In your opinion, how would you sum up your experience in the Big Brother house?

My time in the big brother house was very interesting, i had fun in the house. So many things i never thought i could do, i found out that if I push myself more and I dont put myself in that box of fear, I could actually achieve a lot.

Physically i do a bit of jogging, but that house made me go all the way. I also found out that i had a little bit more determination than i thought I had. So all of these summed up together made the stay in the big brother house interesting.

And i started out as a singer in the entertainment industry then i stopped for a bit, but going into the house, and being with the other house mates they kind of pushed me. They suggested I give music a shot again as you never know, so I am definately going to do that.


You were pretty popular before you went into the house, and now that has escalated to a higher level. How is this new level of fame different from what you knew?

It is different because before going into the big brother house I could still walk on the streets. I could go see a movie and probably have no one recognise me and if they do they really couldn’t place or put a name to the face. Now with big brother, i literally have to hide; duck my head so nobody sees me. So its different. I went on the big brother platform to showcase myself more, basically to help push and boost my career as an entertainer, actor, singer and yes it has done that. It was not what I expected, it is way bigger, beyond my imagination and i am grateful for that.


Your daughter is at an age where she needs lots of attention. How do you juggle work schedule which isn’t the regimented 9-5 with family life?

It is not easy, I have the support of my mum and my sister. My mum has been a huge backbone. She tries as much as possible to make sure my daughter doesn’t feel my absence. I just try, I still try to strike a balance with it. The time i have to spend with her we talk, we go out…what i try to do when i am in Lagos is every morning i take her to school, if i get home late or early the next morning, I cross check her assignments and make sure she’s fine before leaving for school.


How does she feel about the whole big brother experience, does she get attention from her friends? 

Yes she does get attention, and I am trying really hard not to put her in the public eye because i still want her to have her childhood. People can be really nasty and I have heard a few comments. People are sending messages regarding my daughter and I am not really impressed with that. So I’m like let me allow her have her childhood and be herself. If she wants to grow up and be in peoples faces or go into entertainment on her own, let her have that option. I would not be the one to shove her out there. But for her she is still a child, she’s pretty much the same. Maybe she does brag about her mum to her friends. She likes to show off a bit and I still spank her when its needed




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