Blac Chyna Calls Ex Tyga “Cheap” As She Poses In Lingerie For Elle Magazine

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From posing nude on the front cover of the latest issue of Paper Magazine to this lingerie cover for Elle, Blac Chyna seems to following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian. The editorial sees Blac pose in different sexy underwear and other sexy pieces pieces from brands such as Fleur du Mal, Givenchy, Nina Ricci and others.


In her most in-depth interview yet, the stripper-turned-mogul-turned-reality-star opens up about mending fences with the Kardashians, her relationship with Rob, and what she’s definitely not going to name her baby. She even went as far as calling her ex Tyga “Cheap” when asked about her appearance in the rapper’s video where she played a candy-cane-sucking accomplice, perched on his motorcycle like a hood ornament come to life. The gig paid her just $2,500—”I should’ve gotten more. He’s kinda cheap…”


See all the photos from the shoot below.


Blach-Chyna- Elle USA-OnoBello-3 Blach-Chyna- Elle USA-OnoBello-4 Blach-Chyna- Elle USA-OnoBello-5 Blach-Chyna- Elle USA-OnoBello-6 Blach-Chyna- Elle USA-OnoBello-7 Blach-Chyna- Elle USA-OnoBello2

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