Bobrisky Threatens To Deal With Man Who Bashed His Car, Assaulted Him and Broke His Phone


Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky had to battle it out yesterday after a man hit his new Range Rover and got physical with him afterwards.

The drama which happened in Lagos backed by videos that surfaced online say Bob taking pictures of the car that his his Range Rover, triggered by that the man for physical with Bob, smashing his phone to the floor.


Angered, Bobrisky got physical with the man, a tussle and struggle that lasted for a while.


After the scene, a video of the said man surfaced on the internet, apologizing to Bob for the ‘misunderstanding’.

However, in a snapchat video uploaded by the cross-dresser, he stated that the man would spend at least “two days in the cell” for smashing his phone and bashing his car.

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