Beauty Inspirations: How To Get The Look- Soft-Focus Lips, Bold Brows & Smoky Eyes

Today, we are dishing out the latest beauty trends and how you can get inspired to recreate these looks. Check them out!
Soft-Focus Lips

Blurred lips are big news this season and a relief from last season’s strict outlines.

Get The Look: For a dialed-down approach, go for a just-bitten effect. Apply concealer to the edges of your lips, and then use a finger to stain them with your favorite red. Finish with a smudge of darker lip pencil in the middle, concentrating color at the center.

Top Tip: It&#39s the just-been-caught-gorging-on-berries effect and uses a cotton bud to smudge the lips.

Bold Brows

This season brows have a groomed, masculine shape.

Get The Look: With a brow pencil, add a dot at the top edge of your brow. Angle the pencil at the outer edge and add a second dot, then bring the pencil across your pupil to make a third dot where your arch should be. Fill between the dots with light strokes.

Top Tip: To fill in brows, go one shade lighter than your natural hair colour. For a softer finish, opt for powders and cream textures.

 Smoky Under Eyes

Create an upside-down feline flick on the lower lashes or showcase a speckled smudge that gave the seductive effect of slept-in liner.

Get The Look: On the lower lash line, add a sweep of liner, then smudge and push out to each corner (use a pencil with a smudging tip). To add a speckle, gently press your mascara wand onto the under-eye skin.

Top Tip: Forgo mascara on the lashes to keep your look fresh and understated.

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