Road Construction Blast Causes Democracy Day Bomb Scare In Abuja

Residents of Abuja who had been on red alert following the twin bombings at the Nyanya area of the city thought another attack was underway again this morning the 29th of May 2014, when a loud explosion was heard at the Kurudu, Jikoyi community of the city’s outskirts this morning, with residents in the area reportedly running for safety.


The residents must have thought the attackers were making another statement on the day Nigeria marks 15 years of interrupted democracy but the spokesperson of the Nigerian Army, Olajide Olaleye, explained that the explosion was a “controlled blast” from a rock which had been blocking a new road being constructed from Karishi to Apo, in the Abuja city centre. The rock was then blasted with dynamites to allow the construction progress. He also called on residents to remain calm.

One is led to ask however, why given the current security situation especially at Abuja, why prior information had not been released to calm the citizen’s fears.

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